West Writers Group is a collective of marginalized writers based in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs and is hosted by Footscray Community Arts Centre. Each member is varied by way of race, class, ability, gender, sexuality and education. They are storytellers who aim to decolonize space and dismantle patriarchal systems, and who are changing the literary landscape to make it more inclusive. They hope to inspire, lead, and change the status quo to make it more inclusive for the next generation of writers and West Writers Group members. West Writers Group uses workshops to collectively improve each other’s skills, sharing those skills with their community, and developing new projects. They are currently lead and facilitated by FCAC’s Jasmeet Sahi.

Collectively, they have performed at various literary events including but not limited to Emerging Writers Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival and West Writers Forum. Individually, all members have been published widely on various websites, journals and magazines, a number of members have published chapbooks, as well as others participating in residencies and receiving accolades. 

West Writers Group is open to hearing from arts organizations, publishers and individuals in the literary field who would like to collaborate or speak further on potential projects. Please see our Contact Us page for more information.

West Writers Group hopes to see all kinds of stories to be popularly thought of as Australian stories.